It’s Going To Be a Long Road…How To Mentally Prepare Before a Big Home Renovation Project

home-renovation-home-runMany, many things can go wrong during home renovations. They are often breeding grounds for disasters. Unfortunately, home renovations are sometimes necessary and you’ll have to grin and bear it. Go ahead and know now ahead of time, that you’re going to be dealing with a lot of noise. There is always potential for major delays. Perhaps the contractor had to fire some of his workers, or someone gets sick for a week during the project. There could also be a major weather storm or a tropical warning that prevents the work from being done and holds the project up for another week or two.

When you begin to look at contractors, you’ll see that you get all sorts of different numbers in when it comes to bids. It is tempting to choose the cheapest contractor, but it is un-wise. On the other hand, sometimes the contractor who charges the most will do the worst job. You really never can tell. All you can do is your part. Trust your gut feeling, look up reviews, be sure he is licensed, and feel his general overall energy to get an idea of his character. Don’t forget to be honest with yourself about what you have to spend on the project, and be firm with it when choosing appliances, cabinetry, flooring, accessories, or lighting. It is very easy to get caught up in all of the ‘pretty things’ and end up spending way more than you intended to out of impulse or excitement.

Do get a building permit. Not to do so is a horrible idea, and will come back to haunt you if you get caught. Understand that your contractor is not dedicated to your project alone. Just because he and his workers are off-site for a few days doesn’t mean that you are invisible to him as a client. He is just trying to make money, and the only way a contractor can do this is by working on several jobs at once. You will need to have a sit down talk if he does not show up when he says he will. One of the most frustrating things is to see all of his workers and subcontractors on the site day in and day out, but he is nowhere to be found.

This is not necessarily a sign you should panic. The reason he has subcontractors is so that he doesn’t constantly need to be there. Trust that they know what they are doing. If you can’t handle him not being there every second, you’re going to have a tough time finding a contractor who has absolutely nothing else going on work-wise, but you are welcome to try. Though you should be wary of a contractor who has tons of free time on his hands. This means that he can’t get any clients, and you should wonder why before you hire him.

If you have an older home, you are certainly going to run into some unforeseen issues along the way throughout the project. You should budget accordingly. It can’t be stressed enough to budget for your project. You do not want to get into a financial mess because you chose the most expensive appliances when you could have opted for cheaper ones.

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  • When we renovated our kitchen, we had enough money ONLY for what we budgeted. To anyone reading this, please don’t make that mistake.

    • Hi Katie! Exactly the article’s point. Readers, plan to spend more than the budgeted project amount, because you likely will. Take Katie’s word!

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