Selling a House Can Be Very Expensive…Read Here To Find Out What Costs You Can Expect To Incur While Your Home Is On The Market For Sale

Selling a house can be expensive. Every home needs work done to it when it comes time to sell. One of the biggest expenses is paint. Most homes can use either touchups, or fresh new paint entirely. Do not, whatever you do, choose any bold wall colors. The paint colors below are absolute no-no’s. Stick with neutral, light colors such s ivory, and white. Perhaps a very light gray. Buyers do not want to see royal blue in the master bedroom. The good news is that painting can be an easy, and fun DIY project!Unknown

Make sure that all of the windows in the home are transparent. If windex isn’t doing the trick, you may need to have them professionally cleaned. Don’t underestimate the power of clean windows. They are important. Sellers don’t realize how little costs like these can add up. Paying someone to clean the windows won’t drain your entire bank account, but when you add up the touchups throughout the home that you need to do, it can end up being the sum of all fears. natural_light_-_cover

If you have the means, hire an interior decorator. They will help you organize everything from your closet to your bookshelves and accessories. They’re worth it. Staged homes sell faster, and for more money than vacant, un-staged homes. Decorators will usually run you a few thousand dollars, and you’ll need to buy accessories such as fresh bath towels, coffee table books, and fresh flowers. You don’t need to redecorate your entire house with brand new furniture. Designers are skilled at working with the items that you already own.

Landscaping is very important when a potential buyer views your home. Sometimes, it will require hiring a landscaper. If the yard is not so bad, you will be able to buy flowers and plant them yourself. However, sometimes it might be necessary to plant new grass. You should have flowers pruned, the yard cleared of any leaves, or any general weeding. home-inspector

You should have an inspector come to the house. Hire one that you know and trust; as a friend or family member. You want to be sure that the inspector is competent. If you’ll be moving out before putting your house on the market, you can expect to pay higher in utilities than you generally pay when you are living in the home. This is because it is important to leave the lights and heat/air on in the home, as a buyer could request to view the home as a moments notice.

You will have to pay your real estate agent his or her commission, as well as closing costs. Be sure to factor these into your financials. You’ll also need to pay for taxes, and title transfer. Also, some sellers opt to buy a warranty on the home for the buyer. This is usually means of negotiation. One party offers to pay for “x”, if the other party does “y”.

Interestingly enough, assuming that you only needed touchup work and minor repairs rather than renovations, the most expensive part of selling your home is going to be moving out of it; especially if you have a gigantic house. Even moving a two bedroom apartment with a uHaul will run you about 300 dollars. And thats just for the uHaul. It will all depend on how much the movers you choose charge, the size of the uHaul, how far you are driving it, and how long you need it for.

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  • One expense I would definitely expect to incur is the front lawn and the porch (if you have one). We had to replace our grass, add porch furniture, paint the porch itself, etc.

    • Hi Roddick. Completely agree. Curb appeal is extremely important to the buyer. Any money spent in this area will not be a regret.

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